New Stage is a platform for actors, directors, and producers to find each other. It allows filmmakers to find talents and hold remote casting sessions. It gives actors a chance to break into filmmaking despite geographic and cultural distances.

The platform and the ontest required branding with the following specifications: simple and memorable, scalable for any tasks, applicable in digital and physical media.

We chose a familiar and well-known symbol of a firecracker for the logo. It is often used in different branding with miscellaneous variations. It is an ordinary symbol, and using it was a particular choice.

Logo variations
Patterns inspired by movies


The nature of the brand is constant movement that never stops. Geometric patterns are dynamic, reflecting the continuous process of film production. They are created within the framework we set, but live their own lives onward.

They can be used both statically and dynamically. It is important to note that even static images create a sense of mobility.

We developed a spectrum of collaterals focusing on what people would be happy to use


There are platforms that exist in the digital independently of the offline world, and there are those that are closely connected to it. New Stage is the second case. The online and the offline are closely intertwined, because the whole project is about bringing together people connected to the world of cinema.

Convenience and adaptability to different situationsis a common feature found in both merchandising and branding, as well as in the project itself.

The simple and vivid photo style reflects people's desires, aspirations, and lives
Atmosphere of the New Stage
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New Stage

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