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“New Stage” is a platform that helps producers and event organizers find actors and artists. With this platform, customers and performers no longer need mediators to connect with each other. Thanks to “New Stage,” one does not only save on mediation services, but also benefits from greater performer loyalty.

Part of the platform’s audience are people who are used to getting things done through agents and by phone, which is why they need a user-friendly interface. We have created a visual embodiment of the platform and worked on the UX/ UI design to help even inexperienced users find their way around the platform and its many features.

the main page

The page consists of two sections. The first and main one is where the searching takes place. In that section, actors and artists can find projects with open auditions and sign up for them. The second section contains news about movies and upcoming events.

Main page - Desktop
Login page - Desktop
Home page with graphs and metrics

Choosing a role

The user needs to sign up and select a role. There are 4 roles to choose from: a producer, an organizer, an actor, or an artist. Next, the user needs to fill out a form that will be visible to others. Producers and organizers indicate the projects they have been involved in.

For those who are going to use the platform there is an option of switching between the roles. When choosing a new role, the user will need to fill out a new form. If at some point the user changes their mind about a chosen role, they can hide the form to stop receiving offers.

1. Sign up and select a role

Actors and artists add information about their professional experiences: the form serves as a replacement for audition tapes and portfolios.

2. Publish a portfolio
3. Make a change

Responses and offers

In order to find performers for a project, the customer needs to create a page and describe the movie or event in detail. After that, they will be able to invite actors to perform roles or artists as part of the team.

Movie description and details

The client got a more convenient and quicker tool for reputation management and result viewing. Moreover, the team stopped wasting time on monthly data collection.

With the tool, it now only takes an hour of time to prepare an analysis, and it's easier for companies to get important information.

Actors can respond to an appropriate role

The performer’s schedule

The customer can see when a performer is free for an audition and book a date. On top of that, the performer can choose to hide the form at any time to stop receiving offers.

Rental page - Desktop
Performer’s calendar - Desktop
Performer’s calendar - Mobile
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