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Rosa Springs is a modern four-star hotel with its own preventive medicine clinic. In a place where a unique climate and the best medical technologies come together, guests are sure to receive excellent hydrotherapy treatment and great customer service.

A rebranding was needed for a number of reasons. First of all, the vibrant, overloaded brand identity had little visual correspondence with the philosophy of health tourism. The corporate style was not easily discernible, and as a result, it was not recognized and remembered by the public.

Old logo #1
Old logo #2

Brand personality

The Rosa Springs hotel decided to completely rethink its marketing image to achieve greater balance on all counts. The new concept is about valuing the good quality of life and meaningful rest.

The idea behind the new approach is “sometimes less is more”. The quality of life depends on the ability to simplify things. Thus, the main focus of our rebranding concept was the design of impressions and the atmosphere.

The new logo is composed of the company initials as well as the drop that used to be part of the old branding
New logo of the Rosa Springs hotel

the Concept

We added both vibrant and calm tones to create a harmonious interplay. The colors of luscious spring greenery, the bright colors of vegetables and the calm gradients of dawn can all be found in the new branding concept.

Yeseva One Regular — for headings
Ibarra Real Nova — for subheadings
Colors and gradients


The hotel offers a wide variety of services. We decided to single out several categories and illustrate them with relevant images to make them more identifiable. Thus, we ended up with four main categories: Life Balance, Body Balance, Beauty Balance, and Food Balance.

For the Life Balance department, we chose the image of a tree. The tree is closely connected with time, life, and our own place in family history. The tree of life is a common archetype in many of the world’s traditions.

The image of a tree is often used by people to communicate their state of health to others. A tree, like a human being, goes through life stages such as birth, growth, reproduction, withering, and death.

Advice cards on achieving life and body balance

The illustration for Body Balance is pretty obvious and intuitive. The image of a human being is intertwined with the image of balancing rocks — an activity that requires special skills, body control and fluidity.

Rock balancing is considered a meditative activity that calms the psyche and the nerves. Balance within the body and harmony with oneself are part of the foundation of a balanced life.

In coming up with the illustration for Beauty Balance, we drew inspiration from flowers. Spring flowers — tulips in this case — have long been a symbol of beauty and happiness. For this reason, we found it a fitting image.

A straightforward and understandable image was chosen to make it easily perceptible for vacationers. The soft tones and the gradient complement and support this choice organically.

Advice cards on achieving beauty and food balance

Our health is determined by numerous factors that affect our lives in one way or another. One of these factors is a healthy diet. People hear about it all the time, yet not everyone fully understands what it means.

In our illustration for Food Balance, we tried to reflect our opinion on this matter: eating fresh, natural and colorful foods, in particular fruits and vegetables, will have a beneficial effect on your body.

social media

We created unique Instagram highlights for each hotel department — Life Balance, Body Balance, Beauty Balance, and Food Balance. These branding elements can be easily combined with each other and used on different social media. Here are examples of Instagram stories.

An example of Instagram stories/highlights
Animated Instagram posts


We designed different samples of merchandise that can be of use in a hotel. There is a door hanger, a toiletry kit, bright-colored, roomy tote bags for traveling and a comfortable stay at the hotel. Apart from that, they can also come in handy in daily life.

Additionally, we created a beach set that includes Crocs with Jibbitz, a water bottle and a carrot-shaped key charm, which reflect the new concept perfectly. Your kids will like it.

Water bottle
Crocs with jibbitz
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