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Home page with graphs and metricsHome page with graphs and metrics


SIBUR is Russia’s largest oil, gas and petrochemical holding company, which includes 17 enterprises. The company often holds public speeches by top executives and participates in social activities, supporting sports and volunteering and contributing to urban development, science, education, and culture.

Home page with graphs and metrics
Home page with graphs and metrics

the problem

The YouScan monitoring system was used to track mentions. The service collected all posts about the company by keywords from websites and social networks. Next, the data was summarized in a static Word report.

The report did not allow for filtering, so each news item had to be open individually. This meant that the client’s browser would be flooded with tabs to check for mentions. Because of this, there emerged a need for a more convenient tool than a Word document.

Home page with graphs and metrics

the solution

We built the website. The report lacked interactivity, which would have solved all the problems: it would have simplified both the reporting itself and the work with it. Of course, we could have opted for ready-made software solutions, but they cannot be customized to SIBUR's tasks, which was important for us.

Login page - Desktop
Login page — Desktop

Before, in order to show a small part of a report to colleagues, one had to hand the entire thing over and say, “See pages 52, 78, 103, and 126.” Thanks to the website, the problem was automatically solved — now all it takes to share a report is a link.

Login page - Desktop. Mobile

ORM managers no longer have to spend their time taking screenshots and adding data to the report. All mentions of SIBUR — photos, videos, and comments — are automatically uploaded to the website. The only thing left to do is to draw the conclusions. Besides, the client no longer has to open dozens of tabs in a browser and navigate through the document.

To keep data private, we introduced registration and created accounts for our ORM team and the SIBUR employees. A mobile version of the website was also designed in order to make reports accessible from smartphones.

Animation of graphs and metrics in the mobile version


Frequent and popular mentions of SIBUR can now be seen in infographics. Unlike Excel spreadsheets, they are instantly make it easier to follow links.

Metrics widgets
Metrics widgets
Chart widgets
Chart widgets


Filters by enterprise display information about various SIBUR branches. The team uses it to track news about and mentions of a particular enterprise. A link to the page with applied filters is easy to send to colleagues: for example, employees from SiburTyumenGaz will only see the news about SiburTyumenGaz, and managers from Amur GPZ will only see the news about Amur GPZ.

Filters by topic help to understand what is important to most people right now. With these filters, we can see which news items elicit more reactions, which topics are more frequently posted about , and what people are generally interested in in connection with SIBUR.

Main articles - Desktop
Main articles — Desktop

Filters by date have replaced the massive files that used to be collected every month. Now, instead of aggregating a ton of information into a single document, all it takes is ten clicks to set the dates, copy the link, and send it to a colleague. Besides, to find old reports, one no longer needs to search for a file sent two months ago.

Main articles - DesktopMain articles - Desktop

news and comments

Previously, to view news and comments, one had to click a lot of links. While that wasn’t too bad when it came to news, it took a few minutes to find comments about SIBUR under a random post on a random topic.

Open News - Desktop
Open News — Desktop

Now, news items are displayed on the website once they are posted and comments are updated automatically. The comments that have to do with SIBUR are highlighted. The client may always follow the link to the source.

Open News — Mobile
Open News — Mobile
Open News — Mobile

news about
top people

The client may always follow the link to the source. Individual pages were created for the company’s top executives. This allowed them to look through the news about themselves.

News about top people — Desktop
News about top people — Desktop


The client got a more convenient and quicker tool for reputation management and result viewing. Moreover, the team stopped wasting time on monthly data collection.

With the tool, it now only takes an hour of time to prepare an analysis, and it's easier for companies to get important information.

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